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Faith freedom international - forum indonesia, Faith freedom international - forum indonesia : dikelola oleh: Ali sina reveals islam and prophet muhammad, A gleaning from the writings of ali sina exposes islam as a totalitarian political movement in the guise of religion and a threat to human civilization. Indonesia-faith-freedom-ffi, 6 hal yang harus diketahui & difahami dalam menyikapi atau m enghadapi situs-situs atau forum-forum ‘mereka’ aku berlindung kepada allah dari godaan syetan yang.

Faith freedom international - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Faith freedom international (ffi) is a website that is critical of islam. ffi identifies itself as "a grassroots worldwide movement of ex-muslims and all those who. Faith freedom international :: index, Attention: year 2009 is here wishing a very happy new year to all members of ffi. our new and improved site is ready. to visit main site, click at Ffi - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Ffi may refer to: in organizations: faith freedom international, a website critical of islam created by ali sina; fauna and flora international, a conservation group.

You quote the quran out of context - we are against hate, Question 70: you quote the verse 2:191 and claim the quran says “and slay them wherever ye find them”. but if you look at the context and read the. Al-mansur - we are against hate, not faith |, Open letter to all new converts to islam . by al-mansur. assalaammualaikum . praise be to allah. now that you have believed in the true religion, it is time for you. Serangan balik untuk (serbuiff, Siap membombardir habis gembong iff dan spesies lainnya yang sejenis (by serbuiff).

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