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Peck - definition of peck by the free online dictionary, Peck (pĕk), annie smith 1850-1935. american explorer and mountain climber. her most notable ascents include the volcano popocatépetl in mexico (1897) and huascarán. Peck - definition and more from the free merriam-webster, Learn more about peck. thesaurus: all synonyms and antonyms for "peck" spanish central translation: "peck" in spanish. encyclopedia article about "peck". Peck at - definition of peck at by the free online, "ah, she's a handsome craft, she is," the cook would say, and give her sugar from his pocket, and then the bird would peck at the bars and swear straight on, passing.

Peck | define peck at, C.1300, possibly a variant of picken (see pick (v.)), or in part from m.l.g. pekken "to peck with the beak." pecker "one who pecks" is from 1697; slang sense of. Peck verb - definition in the british english dictionary, The most popular online dictionary and thesaurus for learners of english. Genuine - dictionary and thesaurus - merriam-webster online, Full definition of genuine 1 a : actually having the reputed or apparent qualities or character < genuine vintage wines> b : actually produced by or proceeding from.

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